Electrolysis Permanent Hair Removal

Electrolysis is the Only FDA Approved technique for permanent hair removal. A galvanic (Electrotherapy) current is used to produce sodium hydroxide (lye) in the hair follicle to destroy the hair root (papilla). 

Thermolysis is the method of producing heat utilizing High Frequency or Radio Frequency (short waves). This process is why Electrolysis is considered permanent hair removal,  not reduction like laser hair removal. 


There are three stages to hair growth for every follicle. Several factors,  such as stress, medications, hormonal fluctuations, and heredity, can cause excessive hair growth, with over 2500 hair follicles per square inch of skin and only about 100 hairs visible at once. Determining the number of treatments is difficult to predict. 


Anagen is the best stage for Treatment. The hair is visible above the skin and can be treated. Plenty of water and salt is available in the root for effective Treatment. The papilla is destroyed, and the Anagen stage for facial and body hair can last up to 3 weeks.

The Catagen stage is the growth phase. The hair is preparing to shed. The water and salt have decreased. When the catagen stage does not destroy the papilla, the hair follicle will grow back. The Catagen stage is about two days.

Telogen is the final or resting stage. The hair is not growing or developing. Usually not visible above the skin. The hair is entirely detached from the papilla. Follicles can not be treated at this stage. 

The growth process from the papilla to the skin's surface can take 6 to 12 weeks.


Your Electrolysis consultation is the first step. This 30-minute session will check for contraindications (prohibits Treatment) and prepare your treatment plan. 

Your Skincare regimen will also be analyzed, and products recommended for home care to ensure successful Treatment. 

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