Skin & Body Treatments

Facial Treatments

Skin Regimen 101- This treatment starts with a thorough assessment of your current skincare practices. We then design a customize skin regimen to address your individual skin condition. Your treatment includes cleansing, hydration, and protection. $45.00

Facial Treatment- This treatment starts with an in-depth skin analysis. A custom made cleansing treatment is created, the treatment includes exfoliation, pore clearing (extractions), vitamin and mineral serums, hydration, and protection. Both a home care regimen and treatment plan is recommended for maintenance of your healthy skin. $85.00 or Treatment Plan Series of 4 treatments for $340.00

Facial Treatment For Men- This treatment is customized and includes: deep pore clearing (ingrown & extractions), vitamin and mineral serums, hydration and protection.  Home care regimen and treatment plans are recommended for maintaining your healthy skin. $85.00 or Treatment Plan Series of 4 treatments for $340.00

Clinical Facial Treatment- This treatment is recommended after the Facial treatment. This includes deep pore cleansing, high-level exfoliation ( Dermaplaing), Chemical Peel or Fruit Enzyme, hydration mask, and protection. Home care regimen and treatment plans are recommended. $150, or  Treatment Plan Series  of 4 treatments for $450.00

Teen Facial Treatment-This treatment is perfect for boys and girls from the age of 9yr -18yr which includes: skin analysis, deep pore cleansing, exfoliating, hydration, nurturing mask, and protection.   Home care and treatment plans are recommended. $45.00 or Treatment Plan Series of 4 for $135.00

Fruit Enzyme Treatment-This treatment is recommended after the facial treatment.  This includes deep pore cleansing, custom blended fruit enzyme exfoliation, hydration, and protection. Home care regimen and treatment plans are recommended. $85.00 or Treatment Plan Series of 4 for $335.00


Clinical treatments use professional medical techniques and are recommend after the clinical facial treatment, post plastic surgery care and if you want to eliminate a specific skin condition.(Acne or Hyper Pigmentation)

Dermaplaning-This treatment is recommended for all skin types. This is a high-level exfoliation that uses a surgical steel blade to gently and effectively remove dead skin cell debris, superfluous facial hair (peach fuzzy), smooth the skin, removes impurities, and, evens pigmentation.  This non- invasive treatment can be performed alone for. $85.00, or added on to any facial treatment for $65.00.  Treatment Plan Series of 4 treatments for$335.00

The Extraction Treatment- This treatment includes cleansing,  manual removal of blackheads,  (comedones)  from the skin, nourishing vitamins and herbal mask, and protection. $45.00 or treatment series of 4 $135.00

The Instant Face Lift Treatment-This Manuel Massage treatment will tone the facial muscles through the skin and offer greater circulation and eliminate toxins from the blood stream. This treatment includes facial and Lymph Drainage. 110.00, or series of 4 treatments for $400.00 

Lymph Drainage Treatment- Manuel Massage treatment that detoxifies the skin by draining toxins to the lymph system, to eliminate from the body, great to reduce inflammation, tone, and tightens skin. $65.00, or series of 4 treatments for $195.


Lactic Acid Treatment –

Lactic Acid is derived from Milk.  This gentle but effective acid is great for all skin types.  Your treatment includes cleaning hydration and protection. Home regimen and treatment plan are recommended. $85.00

Glycolic & Salicylic  Acid Peels- A range of light, medium and deep epidermal peeling solutions are used to treat skin conditions.  Peels cause an evenly controlled released of damaged skin cells creating a new fresh layer of skin with improved texture, tone, and color for face and body. $85.00, or series of 4 treatments for $255.00

Jessner Treatment- Jessner Peels are beneficial for patients with acne, oily, or thicker skin because it decreases oil production and decongests clogged pores, treats hyperpigmentation and fine to medium wrinkles.   This treatment includes the  Clinical Facial Treatment, Enzyme Treatment, and home care regimen..  $425.00

Body Treatments

Body treatments are custom blended to treat your individual skin conditions.  Skin is the largest organ of the body these treatments assist you in maintaining healthy skin from head to toe.

Back Treatment This treatment is for all skin types that have clogged pores on the back, neck, or shoulders.  The treatment includes deep pore cleansing, exfoliation, extractions, hydration, and protection. $85.00, or Treatment Plan Series of 4 treatments for $340.00

Eye Treatment Session – Stimulates circulation to reduce eyelid puffiness, deeply hydrates to smooth fine line and lighten discolored skin diminish dark circles.   Includes Dermaplaning, peel, hydration, and protection. $40.00.

Brow Session – Includes tweezing, waxing, and shaping $20.00
Lip Treatment Session – Deep exfoliation combined with hydrating skin conditioners for smoothing and refining the lip line.  Includes Dermaplaning, peel, hydration, and protection.  $40.00.

Décolleté Treatment Session- lightens brown-pigmented discoloration and firm’s flaccid skin of the chest area.  Includes Glycolic acid, hydration, and protection. $85.00

Hand & Arm Treatment Session- Your skin is prepped with a deep cleansing glycolic toner then a highly concentrated Glycolic Acid solution is used to exfoliate damaged cells and restore a youthful appearance.  Instantly lightens brown spots and creates younger-looking skin.  $150.00

Bikini Treatment Session- This treatment is best for clients that wax or shave this area.  Your treatment includes glycolic deep pore cleansing, extractions & ingrown hair removal,  protection, and hydration. $75.00

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